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Macrium Backup Starter Pack
Quickly deploy and configure Macrium Reflect agents and manage them through the browser based CMC user interface

Macrium Backup Starter Pack

Macrium Products
Macrium CMC Starter Pack
CMC Starter Pack - 1 Server + 5 Workstations
List Price: $489.00
Our Price: $479.00



Includes the Macrium Central Management Console, one Server and five Workstation licenses that can only be installed and used via the Macrium CMC.

Quickly deploy and configure Macrium Reflect agents and manage them through the browser based CMC user interface

Macrium Central Management Console

Endpoint backup made easy with powerful central management console

At Macrium we understand that the IT professional wants to have fast and reliable backups, but also as little administration overhead as possible. The greater the number of PCs and Servers to be backed up the greater the risk of admin overload.

The Macrium Central Management Console streamlines backup administration tasks by providing centralized management of all Macrium Reflect backup operations via intuitive workflows and an easy to use browser based tool.

The intuitive interface enables even busy administrators to rapidly deploy agents, configure backup jobs, plans and repositories, review backup results at a glance, and quickly take action to resolve any issues.

Features Implemented in the Current Release:

  • Adding/Removing managed client PCs You can add any visible computer on the local network to the Central Management Console and, if the Macrium Agent isn't installed, remotely install and run the Agent. Computers may also be added by IP4 or IP6 address.
  • Viewing backup history logs All backup and restore logs on clients are synchronized to the Server database and can be accessed in the Management Console
    Viewing backup history logs
  • Running legacy backup definitions and scripts All locally defined backup definitions, VBScript, PowerShell and MSDOS batch files can be listed in the Management console and run on demand.
  • Viewing disks and partitions of client PCs. Disk and Partition layouts can be viewed for each client PC . 
    Viewing disks and partitions of client PCs.
  • Live progress of running backups The progress of all client PC backups, whether initiated on the client PC or initiated from the Management Console, can be viewed in the dashboard 
    Live progress of running backups
  • Backup completion alerts to Slack channels A message can be sent to a configurable Slack channel indicating backup success or failure. 
  • Backup summary reports by email Easy monitoring of multiple PCs with backup summary reports emailed at regular intervals.
  • Backup Repositories Backup repositories can be created which consolidate backup storage locations and authentication in one place. 
  • Backup to Amazon AWS Storage Gateway Backup repositories can now be created from Amazon AWS Storage Gateway and buffer status, connection statistics and other Storage Gateway information can be monitored from the Management Console
  • Backup Definitions Backup Definitions can be created to describe how a set of managed computer should be backed up, including a rules-based system to determine which partitions and disks to back up and which advanced options such as encryption to use. Backup Definitions can be run on demand or combined with a Schedule to run automatically.
  • Backup Schedules Backup Schedules encapsulate all the rules of when different types of backup should be run and how long they are kept. Together with a Backup Definition, a Schedule is used to perform regular backups of a set of computers into a Repository, The scheduling automatically handles queuing backups so they happen in an orderly fashion and dealing with missed backups.
  • Parallel backup jobs to the same Repository The scheduled backup system can be configured to allow between 1 and 10 parallel backups to occur to each repository simultaneously while other backup jobs are queued for later execution. This allows network bandwidth and repository storage resources to be managed.
  • Image Restore Images can be restored to managed computers directly in the CMC, including automatically setting up and booting into Windows PE to restore system disks.


Macrium Central Management Console provides a host of features that make backup management fast and pain-free:

Managed Computers
Administrators can quickly view, browse and search for the computers on the network. Active Directory is used where possible to group and classify PCs and Servers. The easy deployment of the Macrium Agent Licenses to large numbers of endpoints, physical or virtual.

Centralized Licensing Administrators can centrally manage legacy Macrium Reflect and new Macrium Agent Licenses for all endpoints on the network, simplifying license management and compliance and enabling users to move licenses between systems.

Who and What
Administrators can very quickly and easily create backup definitions including what machines and what data is to be backed up. A simple workflow guides the process, allowing flexibility and simplicity.

When and Retention
The Central Management Console allows Administrators to intuitively define schedules for backups and decide how much data they wish to retain. A wizard based workflow leads the user quickly through the process of selecting backup frequency and preferred retention plan.

Easy Recovery
A straightforward wizard led process allows the recovery of disks or partitions to PCs and servers. A few clicks and then it is hands-off for recovery.

Repository Management
Making sure that storage is not overwhelmed with backups is a critical part of backup administration. The Central Management Console allows configuration of repositories on the network, and very soon the cloud.

Macrium Central Management Console


Macrium Central Management Console provides a simple and cost-effective single point of control for data protection and system recovery for organizations of all sizes. Problems can be identified at a glance, thanks to a comprehensive dashboard that provides at-a-glance overview of all backup operations.

Authorised users can securely connect and interact with Macrium Central Management Console from any PC on the network, easily back up or archive data to public cloud providers, and make backups more efficient with centralized scheduling and customizable backup templates.

Ultimately, Macrium Central Management Console helps to simplify the maintenance of backup infrastructures, centralize and co-ordinate the backup process, and improve Recovery Time Objectives (RTO).

System Requirements:

The Central Management Console can be installed on any Windows Server or PC. SQLite is used to support the dashboard, MS MQ is utilized to manage communications between the agents and console. WMI is used to push the Macrium Agents out to the endpoints.

The Central Management Console user interface is accessed using any of the current modern browsers. Additionally, it is supported on Smart Phone or Tablet browsers for remote access.


Download the Macrium Central Management Console Datasheet (PDF).

Pricing Notes:

Macrium Products
Macrium CMC Starter Pack
CMC Starter Pack - 1 Server + 5 Workstations
List Price: $489.00
Our Price: $479.00